Clearday Communications is a consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients become strong and confident communicators, presenters and leaders.


Clearday takes its inspiration from the world of competitive sport, harnessing the values of integrity, clarity, fearlessness, excellence, determination and discipline. We believe that skilled training and dedicated practice is the way to achieve results in any field—not just on athletic ones. Our clients see a dramatic improvement in their speaking ability, overall public presence, ease of delivery, interpersonal and management skills. Clearday seeks to teach people to be confident and capable communicators and we offer a suite of support services, including help with preparation, content creation or polishing, specific event preparation, and workshop or meeting facilitation.



To help you improve your communication skills, we first need a roadmap.  Our communication skills assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in speaking, listening, projecting, physical presence, body language, and general social interaction skills so we can create a personalized plan for each of our clients.


We deliver programming that helps organizations and individuals develop confident and competent media skills. We help you manage the media message, field difficult questions, speak in sound bytes, and appear in control through crisis..



Individual – Based on the assessment, we work with our clients to create a strategy that may involve fine-tuning speaking techniques, planning strategies, confidence building, or speech writing skills.  Everyone’s training is tailored to their personal skills and professional needs.

Team – Our work focuses on general communication skills so that teams can work better together and connect more effectively with clients.

“The advice I received from Claire on my presentation skills has completely catapulted my business to a much greater level of success. She brought to light some remarkable insight that has allowed not only my business but my personal life to thrive as well.”